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Mc high capacity Towers

Shoring System

Manufacturer Condor

The universal shoring system suitable for heavy concentrated loads in special situations and/or higher altitude works.

The characteristics of the system are:

-- Resistance: 200 kN maximum load capacity per standard, i.e. 800 kN per tower;
-- Modularity: 41 to 300 cm plan size of each tower with 25 to 400 cm standards;
-- Flexibility: resulting from Multicom multidirectional scaffolding and combined with accessories specifically designed for this system, takes all the advantages of the standard system allowing highly accurate design in any situation;
-- Durability: each element is protected by a hot dip galvanized finishing;
-- Full compatibility with all CONDOR formwork systems, thanks to the wide range of accessories specifically designed for this system.

The system is a special application of MULTICOM towers, where each vertical element consist of four standards achiving up to 800 kN load capacity. Full compatibility with all CONDOR systems, especially with OMNI waler system used as steel support beams, allows the extension of all the system’s advantages, thus widening the field of application: from residential construction (such as the case of maintenance of columns for structures damaged by fire and/or earthquakes) to industrial construction (support for slabs for installation of machinery, bunker design) and infrastructures (pre-fabricated beams for viaducts, temporary towers for bridge shoring, slab re-shoring, tunnels).

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Shoring System Mc high capacity Towers - Condor

Shoring System Mc high capacity Towers - Condor
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