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HELDU | Laminate table

Rectangular laminate table

Manufacturer ALKI

Heldu Collection
The Heldu collection has been built following a traditional technic for joining wood elements. The crosspieces of the chair fit into the seat. Those of the table fit into the tabletop. Colours are used to highlight the interlocking pieces.

The Heldu table has a solid oak construction. Solid oak or laminated top. It is available in four different sizes. Three of these can be extensibles.
700 x 850 mm
1300 x 850 mm
1900 x 950 mm
2400 x 950 mm
Extendable Tables:
1300/1850 x 850 mm
1900/2450 x 950 mm
2400/2950 x 950 mm

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Rectangular laminate table HELDU | Laminate table - ALKI

Rectangular laminate table HELDU | Laminate table - ALKI
ALKI | Jean Louis Iratzoki - iSaloni 2014
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