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Manufacturer MDT-tex

Textile Design for brands: Umbrella Bars, individualized by textile printing, offer gastro spaces for any weather condition – comfort guaranteed! Fabric segments and wind-wall pieces are exchangeable allowing for re-branding over the lifetime of the product

The gastronomy concept combines mobile foodservice and maximum functionality as a result of countless accessories. It offers the ability to create a mobile hospitality service or expand an existing dining area. This makes it easy to generate more sales and increase hospitality at any location.

Further details

The cover is made up of individual segments which are screwed to the frame by Sterling Steel hooks at the top and by rust-proof screws at the ends of the spokes. The cover is replaceable and is fade, light and water resistant. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and can be ordered with valances.
Galvansteel construction including floor panel
Digital print
Screen print
Dispersion dye print
The spokes are made out of square aluminium bars (40x20x2 mm – 50x20x3 mm). The centre pole has a wounded aluminium profile. The umbrella profile contains a U profile for the attachment of the spokes. The frame is powder coated (polyester powder ca. 80 μ).
White RAL 9010 (standard)
Black RAL 9005
Silver RAL 9006
Made up of multiple segments 2x1m large. All segments are of none rusting galvanized steel.The adaptor is hinged to allow easy lower or raising of umbrella.
The gearbox and the spindle are contained in the centre pole and can be operated by handle or using a motor.
Opening and closing by hand, or alternatively using an electric motor
All materials are resistant to the effects of water corrosion
All material are screwed together and can be replaced easily
Telescopic pole allows the umbrella to open and close above table height
Maintenance-free gear box
Lighting available
Possible with foldable light and heating
All mechanical and electic construction units are checked by TÜV Germany
Various lighting possibilities
Transport case
Protective sleeve with a telescopic pole
Event Platform and MDT Flex-Bar
wind sheltering side walls available in different heights
Electric motor to open and close the umbrella in combination with a wind watcher
Multiple umbrellas can be connected with a rain junction (Available only with valances)
Cabling is housed within the central mast

MDT-tex Catalogues

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex
Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex
Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex
Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex
Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex
Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex

Gazebo TYPE GC - MDT-tex
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