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UNIQA | Fabric task chair

Fabric task chair with casters

Manufacturer ESTEL GROUP

UniQa - An essential instrument in the contemporary office, UniQa is just as at home in prestigious directors’ offices as in dynamic work areas and meeting rooms. An extremely flexible and hi-tech item, it matches well with linear, minimalist interiors, fully expressing the unique language of interior design.UniQa with padded seat and backrest. The presidential model stands out from the rest with its padded headrest which increases the surface area supporting the spinal column, transforming the seat into an snug relaxation tool.UniQa has a patented backrest containing polypropylene balls which are held taut by vertical steel springs thus creating an active, supple support system which massages the back and shoulders, maintains the correct position of the spinal column and encourages the skin to breathe. UniQa with backrest in polyester fabric, a hygienic, anallergic material maintained taut by the aluminium frame. The polyamide backrest, moulded in a single piece and applied to the external framework, correctly aligns the spinal column and supports the kidney area thanks to the convex cushioning provided by the dotpatterned inserts.

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Fabric task chair with casters UNIQA | Fabric task chair - ESTEL GROUP

Fabric task chair with casters UNIQA | Fabric task chair - ESTEL GROUP
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