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Antiqued Robinia parquet

Manufacturer CADORIN GROUP

Epoch Planks Collection
Planks that recall the atmosphere of past times
Wood at its most beautiful, large planks for reminiscent of old rustic atmospheres and antique flooring.
Wide selection of trunks from wild trees.
Surfaces can be hand planed, with a saw cut, aged, brushed, bleached and finished with oil and natural waxes for an antique look or with “wax effect” varnishes.
Contorta Quercus, Spaccata Quercus, Old Quercus, Spaccato Pear, 19th Century Cherry, Old Noghera, Aged Chestnu and Weathered Chestnut, Casera Ulmus, Sawn Hard Maple

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 - English oak parquet CONTORTA QUERCUS - CADORIN GROUP English oak parquet Contorta Quercus by Cadorin is a wild European oak, carefully sought and selected for its naturally gnarled and curved grain, with a rustic look thanks to many large knots.
 - Walnut parquet OLD NOGHERA - CADORIN GROUP Walnut parquet "Vecchia Noghera", in the Venetian dialect, means old Walnut. Wild walnut trees with massive trunks produce unique planks with multi-variegated tones.
 - Chestnut parquet WEATHERED CHESTNUT - CADORIN GROUP Chestnut parquet Weathered Chestnut by Cadorin is a selected naturally rustic European Chestnut with an aged, weathered finish. This elegant finish reproduces the effect of time on the untreated wood after exposure to rainwater and light.Different tones of a more-orless greenish grey hue.
 - Spaccata Quercus Parquet SPACCATA QUERCUS - CADORIN GROUP Spaccata Quercus Parquet
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