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Radiant ceiling panel

Manufacturer Eurotherm

Leonardo ceiling 3,5 high efficiencyInnovative ceiling radiant system characterized by high performance, excellent both for heating and summer cooling
Abductions submitted in the panel
Fittings without O-Ring
The versatile Leonardo ceiling system can be used for a wide range of applications. The system is composed of modular plasterboard and graphite panels with pre-inserted, zigzagging MidiX tubing at 3,5 cm spacing. The zigzag design maximises the heat-exchange surface between the tubing and plasterboard.
The plasterboard and graphite panel is supplied bonded to an insulating sheet ofexpanded polystyrene sintered with graphite in the 3,5 cm spacing version.

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Radiant ceiling panel LEONARDO 3,5 - Eurotherm

Radiant ceiling panel LEONARDO 3,5 - Eurotherm
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