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Swivel solid wood armchair

Manufacturer Riva 1920

design by
Scented cedar wood armchair  with basement in iron.
Starting from a log in solid wood worked deeply till obtaining a minimum thickness by hollowing out the centre of the seat in order to give lightness.
Thanks to its sinuous and embracing shape is possible to reach a good comfort, very important quality considering the texture of cedar.
The effect of log’s rings reminded of mushroom cup shape’s, where the name Collybia Dryophila takes inspirations from.   
They are products made of solid wood and are completely natural and hand-finished, without other treatments; further movements, cracks or changing of the wood are unique characteristics of the furniture and are due to the natural settlement and to the different environmental conditions. 


L.78 P / W.66.5 H.42/74 CM

Riva 1920 Catalogues


Swivel solid wood armchair COLLYBIA - Riva 1920

Swivel solid wood armchair COLLYBIA - Riva 1920
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