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SECUROPE® Vertical

Flexible life line for ladders and vertical passages

Manufacturer SOMAIN ITALIA

Securope® Vertical is a flexible life line on cable ideal for protecting ladders and vertical passageways. Thanks to the special geometry of its terminal and middle supports, trolley passage is carried out fluidly and precisely, guaranteeing immediate lock at any time in the event of an accidental operator fall. Engagement and release of the fall arrest trolley can be made only at very specific points on the system.
The trolley is equipped with an energy absorber in compliance with standard EN 355 to limit the traction force to 600N, it is certified in accordance with standard UNI EN 353-2:2002 and is CE marked.
The system is principally installed on existing ladders but a wide range of standard and special supports also allow for its application directly on bearing structures.

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 - Anchor devices SECUROPE® - SOMAIN ITALIA Anchor devices The life line Securope® is an anchoring device that employs a flexible anchor line and structures suitable for roofs with low or poor bearing capacity, thanks to its deformability that allows to dissipate the energy generated by a fall.
SecuropeR was constructed for installation on metal roofs (minimum thickness 6/10 for steel and 10/10 for aluminium).
Thanks to its special support plates which fasten via self-tapping screws and an adhesive sheath that restores roof waterproofness. It can also be mounted with special clamps adapted to the main types of roofing sheets that allow the installation of the life line without creating holes.
The small size of system components and its adaptability make the SecuropeR line especially useful on buildings of historical and architectural value or on non linear paths, like for example the interior cornices of churches.
Fixed and middle components can be mounted directly onto concrete or steel structures and, in the event of falls, middle components deform mechanically, absorbing part of the loads that would otherwise be transmitted to the structure. An authorised maintenance worker will verify system integrity and will restore components that have intervened.
The system can be used simultaneously by 4 operators and complies with the technical standard EN 795:2012
Type C and the technical specification CE/TS 16415:2013.
Covered by a warranty of 10 years and must undergo an annual maintenance service.



Flexible life line for ladders and vertical passages SECUROPE® Vertical - SOMAIN ITALIA

Flexible life line for ladders and vertical passages SECUROPE® Vertical - SOMAIN ITALIA
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