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PURE SILK 2500 | Carpeting


Manufacturer OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Facts & Visions Collection
Facts & Vision - The ideal floor covering for objects with a complex double floor infrastructure. The format of our SL tiles is perfectly compatible with the floor-grid. Flexible and easy to handle. 

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 - Handmade silk rug PURE SILK 2500 | Rug - OBJECT CARPET GmbH Handmade silk rug PURE SILK 2500 - Handmade silk rug, Rugs Collection by Object Carpet.
Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of pure silk: Each PURE SILK 2500 carpet is unique and hand-woven with natural irregularities in colour and texture, which give this carpet its unique, precious character. PURE SILK 2500 is used in luxurious living areas.
Deviations and tolerances in the colour, feel and appearance are a natural characteristic of the material and do not represent a goods defect.
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Carpeting PURE SILK 2500 | Carpeting - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Carpeting PURE SILK 2500 | Carpeting - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

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