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Foam decorative acoustical panels

Manufacturer Vicoustic by Exhibo

Visquare Collection
Visquare is designed to perform on medium and high frequencies giving an absorption effect. The effect occurs when sound energy passes through the perforated foam. Vicoustic’s research has revealed that perforated foam performs better compared with standard cut foam. A perforated, 40mm thick panel gives the same results as a 70 mm thick standard panel. This is because in addition to increasing the surface absorption, it also works as a sound trap. Visquare’s holes are specifically designed to line-arise the absorption coefficient spectrum. Visquare M1: Vicoustic foam - a polyurethane foam with extraordinary acoustic properties and classified in M1 class of fire reaction. Known for it’s flexibility and versatile applicability, this durable material is ideal for installations that require endurance. Visquare Tech: Vicosutic Tech foam - made of Basotect® foam, it’s long-term resistance to high temperatures and excellent fire characteristics are based on the use of melamine resin. The high nitrogen content of the resin is responsible for the extremely flame-resistant property of the foam without the need for fire retardants, making it particularly suitable for applications with high fire safety requirements.

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Foam decorative acoustical panels VISQUARE - Vicoustic by Exhibo

Foam decorative acoustical panels VISQUARE - Vicoustic by Exhibo
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