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Bathroom furniture set

Manufacturer NOVELLO

design by
Happy Collection
The Happy collection can make even small sized bathrooms look distinctive and, moreover, it is ideal for those wishing to add small sized elements to large bathrooms, breaking up the space with a handful of prestigious elements which give the bathroom a pleasant touch without overfilling the same.
All the compositions are the size of the classic ceramic washbasin with a washbasin unit underneath yet they have significant visual impact thanks to both the shapes and the materials of the washbasin tops (they are made of different coloured glass, in stainless steel and in Corion).
The Happy collection uses an original rigid expanded polyurethane base with matt (28 colours) or glossy (27 colours) lacquers. The base is structured with a side compartment hidden behind a door and has a ring shaped chrome towel rail. The collection also has an open or closed wall unit, a drawer unit containing two drawers, a stainless steel shelf with a circular varnished panel and a circular mirror.

Composition H03
Gloss violet lacquered composition with a built-in washbasin in cyclamen glass. The base is shown from the side, where there is a compartment hidden by a door bearing an original circular handle. The composition is completed by a circular mirror (60 cm in diameter), a halogen lamp and two shelves placed side by side, one exposed and one hidden by a door, lacquered gloss white.
Dimensions: the support measures 62 cm in width x 39 in depth x 87 in height; the two shelves 70 x 19.5 x 35 cm in height.
Bathroom furniture set HAPPY - COMPOSITION H03 - NOVELLO

Bathroom furniture set HAPPY - COMPOSITION H03 - NOVELLO
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