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Outdoor resin continuous flooring

Manufacturer IPM Italia

U.D. Promenade is a breathable, eco-friendly, multilayered system with incorporation of natural grit, suggested for recovery and covering of floorings made of asphalt, concrete and beaten earth fl oorings of squares and avenues. The system assures a natural aspect. U.D. Promenade is realized with breathable formulas of new generation belonging to Aquatec Line, with zero VOC certification.

• Capacity of absorbing micro cracks and thermal expansion
• Anti-slip action also in the presence of backwater mand white frost
• Installation also on high moisture content subbases
• Natural aspect

• Areas subjected to walking traffic
• Squares, avenues or common areas to recover in public or private urban environment
• Surfaces that need a finishing with natural grit in harmony with external environment

Suggested preparation
• Diamond grinding
• Vacuum cleaning of the surface

• Primer Aquatec 280 New Eco with incorporation of reinforcement framework, for a total consumption of 1.3 Kg/sq m and light pouncing of Duromix 2
• Intermediate layer with Aquatec 580 Eco with pouncing of Duromix Promenade in colours and type desired, for a total consumption of 6-8 Kg/ sq m
• Finishing with Aquatec 690 or Aquatec Lith, for a total consumption of 0.05 Kg/sq m

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Outdoor resin continuous flooring U.D. PROMENADE - IPM Italia

Outdoor resin continuous flooring U.D. PROMENADE - IPM Italia
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