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Chain-link polypropylene Fence

Manufacturer TENAX

TENAX fencing is manufactured by the extrusion process of plastic polymers and the bi-oriented stretching of the mesh which results in a high tensile strength.
 The addition of special additives ensures a high level of resistance to UV degradation and atmospherical elements.
 TENAX technology enables fencing to be produced in heights up to 4,6 meters. The light weight yet high strength of the product allows easier handling transportation and installation.
 TENAX fencing nets are ideal for football fields, tennis courts and golf courses.

• Football fields, tennis courts and golf courses
• Small animals cages and aviaries
• Also useful as bird control netting
• Mesh dimensional stability
• UV stabilized and resistant to weather elements
• Available up to 4,6 m
• Easy to install and transport
• Provide good visibility and do not affect the natural lighting

TENAX Catalogues

Chain-link polypropylene Fence CINTOFLEX - TENAX

Chain-link polypropylene Fence CINTOFLEX - TENAX
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