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Manufacturer TENAX

The special geotextiles TS 1 and TS 2 are made of polypropylene fibres of excellent quality.
TS 1 is calendered on one side whilst TS 2 is calendered on both sides. Thanks to this special finishing process they can replace the ordinary non-wovens in polyester. 

As a matter of fact with a reduced weight (140-180 g/m2), they assure a better resistance to stretching (> 4,5-7,4 kN/m), CBR puncturing (> 800-1100 N), unalterability and durability. 
The reduced thickness prevents the geotextiles from clogging.
• Roof gardens, carriageable terraces (combined with the TENAX drainage system)
• Surfaces made with interlocking blocks (between the substrate ground and the installation layer)
• Drainage trenches (between the ground and the drainage gravel).
In case of a specific demand, it can be added as separation and protection element.
• Chemical inertia 
• Reduced water absorption, but long term filtration
• Low deformability 
• They are suitable for the direct contact with all the materials even with wet concrete

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Geotextiles TENAX TS - TENAX

Geotextiles TENAX TS - TENAX
Geotextiles TENAX TS - TENAX

Geotextiles TENAX TS - TENAX
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