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Cellulose fibre Bio fabric

Manufacturer TENAX

TENAX FVP - Biodegradable textile in cellulose fibre, pre sown in its own weft with seeds and fertiliser equally distributed and in appropriate quantities. TENAX Vegetative Pre-sown Felt is the result of new technological conceptions developed in the textile field and applied to agronomical research in collaboration with the Agricultural Faculty and the Geophysical Department of the University of Padova.
The TENAX Vegetative Pre-sown Felts are conceived and designed for making the sowing of lawns easier and more effective. This product has natural origins and is 100% biodegradable over a period between 3 and 5 months, depending on the characteristics of the land and on the climatic and environmental conditions. Compared to the traditional lawn sowing method, it is no longer necessary to spread the seeds in a calibrated and homogenous way as the TENAX textiles contain the right amount of seeds as well as the correct quantity and quality of fertiliser for the preliminary growth of the lawn. 
The seeds are contained and protected by the product weft, providing excellent protection against birds and insects; furthermore the weft firmly keeps the seeds and fertiliser inside even under the worst possible atmospheric conditions, and hinders the widespread growth of weeds. 
The mixture of seeds contained in the TENAX textiles are for specific use in sowing grassed parking areas and driveways (TENAX Carriage Lawn Felt) and on sloping land (TENAX Slope Felt).

TENAX Catalogues

Cellulose fibre Bio fabric TENAX FVP - TENAX

Cellulose fibre Bio fabric TENAX FVP - TENAX
Cellulose fibre Bio fabric TENAX FVP - TENAX

Cellulose fibre Bio fabric TENAX FVP - TENAX
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