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Prefabricated bituminous membrane

Manufacturer POLYGLASS

Adeso Collection
ADESOGUARD are excellent quality waterproofing membranes made with ADESO® technology, the new compound layering system from Polyglass SpA. ADESOGUARD is produced with an elastomeric compound (SBS), armed with a reinforced with glass fibre and presents a cross-laminated high density polyethylene film (HDPE) on the upper side which makes the external part of the compound more mechanically resistant, making the product particularly useful for foundations, for waterproofing vertical surface, (walls, percolating water) or as an antihumid when applied under the floor. Lateral and end-lap overlap are totally adhesive in order to guarantee maximum overlapping bonding.
ADESOGUARD’s adhesive lower side is protected with a monosiliconized polyethylene film, divided longitudinally in two parts, which must be removed right before the application.

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Prefabricated bituminous membrane ADESOGUARD - POLYGLASS

Prefabricated bituminous membrane ADESOGUARD - POLYGLASS
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