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Prefabricated bituminous membrane

Manufacturer POLYGLASS

Adeso Collection
POLYSTICK TU PLUS is a high quality self-adhesive bituminous membrane made with ADESO® technology, the new compound layering system from Polyglass SpA. POLYSTICK TU PLUS is a bituminous waterproofing membrane, reinforced with glass fibre which have high mechanical properties thanks to its polyester upper surface. POLYSTICK TU PLUS, is specifically designed to be used as an underlayer for roofing tiles. The tiles can be directly applied on POLYSTICK TU PLUS using adhesive or mortar. POLYSTICK TU PLUS can also be applied with mechanical fixing systems. POLYSTICK TU PLUS has excellent high temperature resistance. POLYSTICK TU PLUS is provided with SEALLap®, the innovative special selvedge overlap feature with adhesive on the upperside that guarantees excellent membrane adhesion even in the most difficult circumstances.

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Prefabricated bituminous membrane POLYSTICK TU PLUS - POLYGLASS

Prefabricated bituminous membrane POLYSTICK TU PLUS - POLYGLASS
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