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Prefabricated bituminous membrane

Manufacturer POLYGLASS

Adeso Collection
ADESOSHIELD SA is a high quality double-adhesive bituminous membrane made with ADESO® technology, the new compound layering system from Polyglass SpA. ADESOSHIELD SA is made from a special elastomeric (SBS) self-adhesive compound reinforced with a staple non-woven polyester fabric and longitudinal glass fibre. This reinforcement allows the product an excellent dimensional stability, optimum mechanical characteristics, and good on-site capability. ADESOSHIELD SA has both sides protected by a mono-silicone polyethylene film which is removed when the membrane is applied.

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Prefabricated bituminous membrane ADESOSHIELD SA - POLYGLASS

Prefabricated bituminous membrane ADESOSHIELD SA - POLYGLASS
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