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Building automation system

Manufacturer VIMAR

Eikon Series
A technological jewel, as pure as a diamond and as light as a feather. Transforming normal everyday gestures into special moments of pleasure. Lightly touch the luminous glass surface and pause for an instant to admire the delicate glow of the crystal finishing. A featherlike gesture of the finger turned by elegant touch technology into a commanding control over energy. Eikon Tactil is home automation intelligence that reads your mind: the command proximity sensor detects your approach and, without waiting for a command, activates the device: the commands light up, waiting for your touch. Unrivalled purity in an astonishingly beautiful material: the crystal employed in Eikon Tactil is an unmistakable signature that exudes refinement while displaying extreme toughness. In four colour variants, to suit every style. The backlighting of the home automation system commands can also be personalised thanks to its RGB leds.
Building automation system EIKON TACTIL - VIMAR

Building automation system EIKON TACTIL - VIMAR
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