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HOTELS | Spout

Wall-mounted chrome-plated bathtub spout

Manufacturer NOKEN DESIGN

Hotels Collection
time when people take a pace of life faster and faster, and that experience is measured by the quantity and not the quality, it's good to draw a design idea for its clarity. Hotels series consistently ignores the superfluous and instead is inspired by the movement and the form of water.
The message is resignation, the result is generosity.
basin surfaces are large, since, within occupies minimal space, the rack incorporated under the sink, are details that provide comfort and functionality. The toilet and bidet Hotels retain the sinuous lines of the rest of the collection.

elegant and cosmopolitan design. Inspired by urban life and its protagonists. It is characterized by remarkably slender shapes and look elegant ensemble.
Hotels collection reflects an urban aesthetic, blending harmoniously into the atmosphere of timeless elegance. bathroom tap collection sets the trend, not only in design but also in the technological aspects. An aerator which reduces flow and water consumption in 4 liters / minute.

Wall mounted bath spout 1/2"


Wall-mounted chrome-plated bathtub spout HOTELS | Spout - NOKEN DESIGN

Wall-mounted chrome-plated bathtub spout HOTELS | Spout - NOKEN DESIGN
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