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High definition organic digital printed glass

Manufacturer Glassolutions

LITEX PIX is the result of digitally printing with organic ink on to glass.
This means that LITEX PIX offers new possibilities in the fi eld of design. It is a lasting solution for glass customisation for interior use, as well as for exterior use (when made in to double glazed units).

LITEX PIX can be used for:
- doors;
- partitions;
- flooring elements;
- screens/mirrors;
- display windows;
- but not in high humidity environments e.g. shower screens.

- UV resistant, compatible with standard Dow Corning 797 silicone;
- highly abrasion resistant;
- high defi nition, 600 dpi;
- good colour replication, with accurate transfer of the image on to the glass;
- graduated printing possible: 100% to 0%.

The intensity/contrast of the print can be controlled by ambient lighting.
- A complete range of glass types can be used: SGG DIAMANT/SGG PARSOL/SGG VISION-LITE/SGG SATINOVO,
- up to 19mm glass thickness SGG PLANILUX;
- a broad range of colours is possible, including white, or a satin finish (using SGG SATINOVO).

- Customise your partitions and doors and brighten up your interiors;
- areas can be left transparent;
- colour translucency ensures that light can still pass through into living areas;
- user-friendly: images are transferable from standard EPS/TIFF/PSD computer files;
- durability.

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High definition organic digital printed glass LITEX PIX - Glassolutions

High definition organic digital printed glass LITEX PIX - Glassolutions
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