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Laminated shatter-effect glass

Manufacturer Glassolutions

SPLITTED GLASS is a laminated glass consisting of 3 layers of glass. 
In the middle, surrounded by float glass, there is a shattered layer of SECURIT glass. The film and the outer layers of glass contain the shattered glass safely inside.

SPLITTED GLASS is for indoor use only. It serves as a decorative and protective surface for furniture, particularly tables and occasional tables. Thanks to its float glass surface, it is easy to maintain.

Given that toughened glass never shatters in the same way, every piece is unique. The individual mosaic pattern lends an energising effect to an otherwise visually inert item and fits in harmoniously with a number of existing structures.
The decorative effect can be enhanced by choosing coloured float glass, elliptical shapes or rounded edges.
Using the new laminated glass with built-in coloured fi lm (which comes in blue, red, white, pure white and black), any interior environment can be endowed with a unique level of sophistication and ambience.

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Laminated shatter-effect glass SPLITTED GLASS - Glassolutions

Laminated shatter-effect glass SPLITTED GLASS - Glassolutions
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