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Multipurpose fire protective glass

Manufacturer Glassolutions

VETROTECH SAINT-GOBAIN specialises in the manufacture of high performance fire-resistant glass products; from single panes of modified toughened glass to fully insulating interlayered products.
VETROTECH SAINT-GOBAIN offers the designer a range of glass products which are ideally adapted 
to all requirements in the field of fire resistance. In addition to offering protection against flames, smoke and radiated heat, these fire resistant products can be combined with the Glassolutions product range offering an almost infinite range of applications: silk-screen printing, large dimensions, sound insulation and energy savings.

Protection from fire, smoke and toxic gases. Multifunctional without having to compromise between safety and appearence.
PYROSWISS is a multipurpose fire protective glass which can be used both inside and out.
It is suitable for the following applications:
- partitions;
- fixed glazing;
- doors;
- glass roofing;
- façade elements;
- multipoint glazing fixings;
- separation screens.

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Multipurpose fire protective glass PYROSWISS - Glassolutions

Multipurpose fire protective glass PYROSWISS - Glassolutions
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