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Hinged wooden door

Manufacturer GD DORIGO

Iki Collection
From the experience and creativity of Giugiaro Design the Iki Collection was born; a project with aesthetic revolutionary contents that concentrates the refinement and the elegance of the oriental tradition into sharp and intense marks, with extraordinary formal discipline.
From the technical point of view, the innovative aspect of the proposal consists of an important
use of aluminium, which is introduced in its natural brightness close to the wood and to the lacquered colours.
Graphic essential patterns relate to the oriental tradition that recovers highly symbolic themes, 
harmonized by the technicians of the GD Dorigo to the demands of industrialization typical of this product.
The contemporary research of new expressive horizons, the interest for the diversity of the cultures,
the fascination for the East find in the Iki Collection a sophisticated interpretation, that won't fail to involve the public always in search of new living suggestions.

GD DORIGO Catalogues

Hinged wooden door IKI 83G ROVERE GHIACCIO - GD DORIGO

Hinged wooden door IKI 83G ROVERE GHIACCIO - GD DORIGO
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