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Steel gazebo

Manufacturer SELVOLINA

The structure can be disassembled; for summer use only. Made of Sendzimir galvanized steel tubes (Ø 5 cm). Pillar height: 220 cm, with 2 wind bracings for each pillar.
- 3 x 3 m - 4 x 4 m - 5 x 5 m
- 2 x 3 m - 3 x 4 m - 4 x 5 m

Standard roof:
A) Pyramid hip roof
B) Rectangular pyramid hip roof
C) Hip roof
D) Gable roof

Tubes longer than 3 m are divided in two pieces to make transport easy.
Class 2 flameproof PVC tarpaulin, colour: white; it can be quickly fixed to the perimeter tubes with straps.
Ground fixing with adjustable telescopic feet up to 15 cm to compensate for uneven ground. The base plate (Ø 16 cm) has 4 holes to be fixed to the ground.
All gazebos are supplied with assembly diagrams and technical drawings.

- air vent;
- covering tarpaulin available in other colours;
- flameproof PVC side tarpaulins, colour: white;
- side tarpaulins in reinforced polyethylene, colour: white (inexpensive);
- single aluminium track with ogive (Ø 1.8 cm) fitted with nylon hooks for sliding of tarpaulins (~ 4 hooks per metre).

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