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Surface water-repellent product

Manufacturer MASPE

Water-oil repellent treatment.
The product is effective especially if it is used as first treatment to impregnate terraces and exterior pavings. It is also recommended for surfaces in concrete like stairs and fencing walls.
• It is on water basis ready for professional use and for do-it-yourself.
• It creates a deep and resistant protecting coat and although an intensive and prolonged use, its effect remains without any variation.
• It protects the surfaces from dirt and most part of the stains can be eliminated before it has enough time to penetrate, by cleaning it in the first minutes without leaving traces.
• It's the ideal treatment to be done after a cleaning operation, better after the use of MaspeClean detergent.
• It is innocuous for health.
The dirt on the exterior surfaces can be of different origin (typology) and different consistence (it depends on the infiltration time of the stains) and can appear even on already treated pavings. In any case take into consideration that neither this specific detergent can protect completely against stains, which had enough time to penetrate in the surface.
CONSUMPTION: 1 litre is sufficient for 7/9 sq m. - 3 litres are sufficient for 21/27 sq m.
IMPORTANT: It is fundamental to follow carefully the instructions indicated on the label.
Cod. C.1002
Surface water-repellent product MASPETECH - MASPE

Surface water-repellent product MASPETECH - MASPE
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