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Surface cleaning product

Manufacturer MASPE

Universale degreaser.
MaspeNet is a degreaser, which dissolves in an efficient manner the grease dirt, even the persistent one, from any surface type.
UTILISATION: Maspe pavings - ceramic - metals - plastic. It is indicated for taking off stains of mineral oil (the one of the cars) and the dirt left by the car tyres.
WAY TO USE: water down the product according to the necessity: starting from a ratio of 1:10 for a general action, to pure in case that the product is used directly on the stain.
If it is used on a treated paving together with MaspeTech it is not necessary to make another treatment of the paving.
APPLICATION: The product has to be distributed with suitable means on the surface which has to be treated. Let the product act for at least 10 - 15 minutes and rinse abundantly.
Cod. C.1051
Surface cleaning product MASPENET - MASPE

Surface cleaning product MASPENET - MASPE
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