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Surface cleaning product

Manufacturer MASPE

Cleaner on solvent basis.
MaspeSol is a mixture of organic solvents, studied expressly for the Maspe pavings and it is able to take off in an efficient manner the obstinate dirt from the surfaces, which are sensible to acids and to alkali, including the polished and smoothed surfaces.
UTILISATION: Maspe pavings - marbles and natural granite, smoothed and polished - Cotto. Mainly suitable for taking off oil stains with vegetable or animal origin, food, citronella, leaves, halos of gasoline or gas-oil. It is a powerful product to remove wax.
WAY TO USE: dilution: it is ready for the use.
APPLICATION: apply the product directly on the stain, wait the necessary time in order that the product acts (from half an hour to two hours), then pass with suitable means and dry.
In case that it is used on a treated paving together with MaspeTech it is necessary to make another treatment of the paving.
Advices: Please ventilate the room during the use of the product, avoiding to work next to free flames.
Cod. C.1052
Surface cleaning product MASPESOL - MASPE

Surface cleaning product MASPESOL - MASPE
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