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Surface cleaning product

Manufacturer MASPE

Detergent for paving-tiles.
Detergent on acid basis for cleaning terraces and floorings. Even advisable for other surfaces or for the cleaning of stairs and fencing walls.
• It eliminates cement residuals, blooming of lime or similar impurities caused by the laying operations.
• It eliminates stains on the floor of different typology and consistence.
• It eliminates moss and dirt dued to environmental and air pollution.
• It's the ideal preparation for a following treatment, better if done with the MaspeTech technology.
The dirt on exterior surfaces can be of different origin and its consistency is determined by the infiltration time of the stains. This type of detergent cannot eliminate completely all the stains.
USE: The detergent MaspeClean can be used on new surfaces and also on already laid surfaces. Furthermore it can be used for obstinate dirt or watered down with a ratio 1:1 for the normal maintenance.
CONSUMPTION: 1 litre is sufficient for 8 sq m (16 sq m if watered down 1:1) - 5 litres are sufficient for 40 sq m (80 sq m if watered down 1:1).
IMPORTANT: It is fundamental to follow carefully the instructions given on the label.
Cod. C.1050
Surface cleaning product MASPECLEAN - MASPE

Surface cleaning product MASPECLEAN - MASPE
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