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Modular system for raised flooring

Manufacturer MASPE

The line of plastic supports adapts with simplicity and security to each paving type.
These plastic supports are ideal to guarantee an homogeneous and elegant laying, without producing drastic intervention to already existing structures and rooting out the problems of moisture, water infiltration, passage of cables or tubes, always allowing an easy and quick inspection. The spacing wings have been developed in order to be easily taken off for the application in the angles or against the wall.
o Millimetric regulation from 25 to 40 mm, from 40 to 70 mm, from 60 to 100 mm, from 90 to 160 mm;
o Regulation of the height, when the paving has been finished, thank to the exclusive regulation key.
o Smooth support basis of 320 cm²
Use this type of support exclusively for reinforced slabs in size 40x40 cm. In case of breakage, the bracing permits the tile to remain joined.
The height can be regulated by using the exclusive regulation key.
Cod. C.980
Modular system for raised flooring ADJUSTABLE SUPPORTS - MASPE

Modular system for raised flooring ADJUSTABLE SUPPORTS - MASPE
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