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Galvanized steel workbench

Manufacturer Castellani.it

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CASTELLANI develops and manufactures standard and customized solutions for the furniture industry. Configure: rooms with loft access ladders, soppalcature on shelves, walls and ceiling soppalcature, lofts external galvanized soppalcature with lights, complex projects with mezzanines and partitions for offices or various environments, chipboard flooring, railings, stairs, walls equipped, catwalks, lofts and offices closed in cartogesso with detachable walls.
CASTELLANI is also engaged in the production and assembly of all types of shelving: storage shelves with two-level shelving in cabinets, shelves on two levels with sales counter, walkways connecting between racks, warehouses at two levels with floor, simple stalls with top and side windows, desks with shelves behind, shelving, paper files, shelving, auto parts, shelves with sliding doors, sliding doors to close archive shelving high flow, cantilever racking and high flow with rompitratto.
CASTELLANI also develops solutions for walls (partition walls, plaster walls, walls with windows) and various accessories (cabinets with sloping roof locker room, broom, multispogliatoi, changing bipartite, work benches, lockers, cafeteria tables).

Kit castors sold separately.

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Galvanized steel workbench CAST - Castellani.it

Galvanized steel workbench CAST - Castellani.it
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