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Whirlpool bathtub

Manufacturer Kaldewei Italia

Whirlpool bathtubs Collection
Vivo Vario Eco - A whirl bath with the VIVO VARIO ECO whirl system ideally combining the effects of water and air provides the best conditions for relaxation after stress and sports activities. A pleasant sparkling flow of air rises upward in tiny bubbles from the base jets. At the same time, numerous bubbles stimulate your skin, which feels like a pleasant full-body massage.These soft strokes have a relaxing and soothing effect on your mind. At the same time, the water massage jet from pairs of jets in the sides is targeted directly at your skin to relax your muscles and to stimulate the circulation.With a new particularly quiet but very effective fan, the VIVO VARIO ECO system guarantees a silent and relaxing whirling pleasure. Water is pumped through the blue pipes, air for the passive addition of air flows through the red ones. Hoses are arranged in such a way that the whirl system empties completely when the outlet fitting is opened. This ensures that the highest hygiene standards are met. An integrated disinfection unit is optionally available.

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Whirlpool bathtub VIVO VARIO ECO - Kaldewei Italia

Whirlpool bathtub VIVO VARIO ECO - Kaldewei Italia
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