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Vinyl faced ceiling tiles

Manufacturer ITP

Star Gyps panels have a gypsum core with white slightly embossed vinyl membrane on the visible surface: they are balanced on the back with an aluminium lamina and the edges are protected by polyethylene film. This makes them the perfect choice for use in environments with high humidity levels; thanks to the fact that they are easy to clean and sterilize, Star Gyps are also ideal for environments which require high levels of hygiene or ordinary maintenance such as: hospitals, laboratories, kitchens, cloakrooms, schools and supermarkets. Star Gyps panels are certified in fire-resistance Euroclass B-s1,d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1:2009 standard and obtained CE marking in compliance with EN 13964:2007 standard.

Further details

Type: Lay-on 09
Article: SG09001.00
Modulation: 600x600x9 mm
Edges: Lay-on
Suspension system: Starline 24
Weight: 7,00 kg/mq
Light Reflection: 90%
Humidity resistance: 90% UHR
Water vapour diffusion resistance: μ 72
Fire reaction: Euroclass B-s1,d0
CE mark: EN 13964:2007

ITP Catalogues

Vinyl faced ceiling tiles STAR GYPS - ITP

Vinyl faced ceiling tiles STAR GYPS - ITP
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