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PETER | Wall-mounted mirror

Wall-mounted framed mirror

Manufacturer Dolfi

Peter Collection
Out of love for Matilde, the little princess of the Dolfi company, her mother Antonella was inspired with the idea to create a line of children's
rooms for dreamers, young and old alike, and Dolfi embraced the idea enthusiastically. “I Sogni di Matilde” is a jour ney through furniture, accessories and soft, colorful fabrics. And it is an experience of playful, whimsical inspirations. Here are feelings the likes of which only a mother can tenderly watch over and offer to all those looking for a bedroom full of sweet wonder to ignite the imagination. Dolfi's "I Sogni di Matilde" is here to take our little ones by the hand and venture into their homes full of grace and style. Because you're never too young or too old to start dreaming and never stop.

4033I mirror by Dolfi
L. 100 x D. 8 x H. 130 cm.

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Wall-mounted framed mirror PETER | Wall-mounted mirror - Dolfi

Wall-mounted framed mirror PETER | Wall-mounted mirror - Dolfi
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