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Electric glass towel warmer

Manufacturer Glassolutions

These glass heaters combine a tripleaction: radiation, convection and heat accumulation. Heat is produced by a neutral conduction layer, electrically powered, and applied on one side of the glass insert plate.
The radiation emitted by the glass plate generates a feeling of soft, all-round warmth, immediately detectable by the human body. The convection is created by turbulence: the warm air rises because of its low density and thus draws the cold air downwards where it is then warmed by the radiator and rises again, thus creating an air circulation current.
The glass is also a powerful heat accumulator, meaning that the radiator carries on emitting heat even with the power off.
THERMOVIT EDEN is a glass towel drier rail with an original design for your bathroom. Thanks to the flat shape and polished, anodised aluminium bars, this is an elegant product for your bathroom area.
THERMOVIT EDEN is available in 4 colours (black, white, ivory, almond).
• Attractive:
Extra-flat design, matches the style of your décor.
• Comfort:
- user-friendly (programmable) and easy to install;
- performance identical to central heating with healthier air; the atmosphere is less dry since no electrical elements come into contact with the ambient air.
The system is silent, easy to clean and requires no maintenance.
• Energy efficient:
THERMOVIT products need less power thanks to their triple action (radiation, convection and heat accumulation) and their increased surface heating area.

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Electric glass towel warmer THERMOVIT EDEN - Glassolutions

Electric glass towel warmer THERMOVIT EDEN - Glassolutions
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