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Hinged lacquered door

Manufacturer UNIONporte

Imola Art Collection
Noble spirit and eternal charm of classics, traditions and exquisiteness – these are the hallmarks of IMOLA ART collection. Doors thrashed out in detail are more than just a collection – they are a lifestyle.

Specification and advantages:
- Traditional classics
- Frame ledge available – convenient installation and extra sound proofing
- Convenient patented U-SYSTEM door frame
- Aesthetics of both the door frame and the platband
- Faceted glass

Reversibility – the side of the opening of the door (L or R) can be chosen while installation or afterwards

UNIONporte Catalogues

Hinged lacquered door IMOLA ART 100 I - UNIONporte

Hinged lacquered door IMOLA ART 100 I - UNIONporte
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