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Hinged oak door

Manufacturer UNIONporte

Infinity Collection
INFINITY collection is the result of a long and elaborate search of aesthetical solutions, the fruit of long-term experience of Italian architects who brought to life all the most modern and  exquisite tendencies of today. Purity of lines, quality of materials, innovations in design, exquisiteness of form – all that has absolute superiority in itself.

Specification and advantages:
- Doors made of engineering solid wood.  Scale-board; ‘light’, ‘breathing’ wood.
- Invisible hinges, 180° opening
- Height up to 240 cm
- Installation of decorative archy platbands available.

UNIONporte Catalogues

Hinged oak door INFINITY 01 P - UNIONporte

Hinged oak door INFINITY 01 P - UNIONporte
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