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Pocket sliding door

Manufacturer UNIONporte

Line Collection
LINE collection embodies all the most exquisite and innovative aspects of today – the purity of lines, the quality of materials, genuine Italian design. LINE collection made a splash at the Russian door market and there is no doubt it will shortly become a top seller. The collection was designed together with an Italian architect Cristian Bianco.

Specification and advantages:
- Genuine Frassino veneer. Special brushed wood finish, open pores and 3D effect.
- Genuine Italian design
- Height up to 240 cm
- Invisible hinges, 180° opening
- Reversibility – the side of the opening of the door (L or R) can be chosen while installation or afterwards

UNIONporte Catalogues

Pocket sliding door LINE 02 - UNIONporte

Pocket sliding door LINE 02 - UNIONporte
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