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Finnish sauna for chromotherapy

Manufacturer TEUCO

Arja was conceived in Teuco's Style Centre: strikingly simple and at the same time stylish and sophisticated, with its alternating glass and wooden walls, it draws its inspiration from Scandinavian style where Dry Saunas are part and parcel of everyday culture. All the models feature the innovative Biosauna technology, which entails a treatment that combines the characteristics and benefits of a dry sauna with those of a steam room. A touch screen control panel, situated outside the cabin, allows you to set the temperature and humidity levels as well as treatment duration. For an even more enjoyable sauna experience, the entire range features the Cromoexperience function and an essence dispenser for aromatherapy. Teuco's Finnish Saunas  are all made entirely in Italy, guaranteeing the craftsmanship quality and painstaking care for details of authentic products Made in Italy. 
Finnish sauna for chromotherapy ARJA - TEUCO

Finnish sauna for chromotherapy ARJA - TEUCO
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