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Cedarwood stool

Manufacturer Riva 1920

Single blocks of cedar worked by cutting-edge technology to recreate the irregular movements typical of the folds of a chef’s hat. Designed for restaurants, beer and wine cellars, and similar places, these are available in two different designs. The taller pieces are stools, while the lower ones can be used to rest bags and other objects.
They are products made of solid wood and are completely natural and hand-finished, without other treatments; further movements, cracks or changing of the wood are unique characteristics of the furniture and are due to the natural settlement and to the different environmental conditions.


Ø. 41 - H. 44 CM
Ø. 33 - H. 34 CM

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Cedarwood stool CHEF - Riva 1920

Cedarwood stool CHEF - Riva 1920
Cedarwood stool CHEF - Riva 1920

Cedarwood stool CHEF - Riva 1920
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