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Motif wall effect wallpaper

Manufacturer YO2

The material used for THE BOOK code V is a non-woven 130 grams per m2 non-pvc substrate with 50 grams per m2 aqua acrylic Sand type top layer.
Aqua Acrylic is water based Natural latex - a milky fluid produced by the rubber tree. Non Woven means that additional to wood fibers our paper is reinforced with manmade fibers mixed in with pulp blend that acts like a mesh. Its purpose being to tightly bond the wood fibers together and make it extremely durable.

Further details

How to prepare the wall surface.
The surface must be dry, smooth, clean and of a uniformly absorbent quality. Where patterns have a light-colored basis, color variations in the undercoat may shine through! Make sure to neutralize these variations first, for example, with a pigmented wallpaper primer. Rough surfaces, holes and uneven spots should be leveled out. Remove any residues of the former wallpaper.

Paste – How to attach the wallpaper.
Spread the paste with a roller evenly across the wall and attach the dry wallpaper to the wall after it has been coated with the paste. We recommend using a special duty paste for non woven. Apply the paste across an area slightly wider than one strip. Attach the first strip in a vertical direction and press it against the wall by means of a rubber roller or a soft clothe to avoid possible air bubbles. All following the strips must be butt-joined.

Carefully dab off possible paste blobs with a damp sponge immediately and dab dry. This user guide is a recommendation only. Please contact us in case of doubt.
Photos may alter the actual colors of the product we advise that you contact an architect or a shop to be presented with the actual product.

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YO2 Catalogues

Motif wall effect wallpaper V1.10 - YO2

Motif wall effect wallpaper V1.10 - YO2
Motif wall effect wallpaper V1.10 - YO2

Motif wall effect wallpaper V1.10 - YO2
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