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Glass Washbasin top

Manufacturer Vitrealspecchi

Madras® Texture Collection
Madras® Texture collection: materials, textures and atmospheres find new expression thanks to special processing techniques that can alter the surface to produce the desired visual and tactile effect. The line is a unique resource for architecture and design in terms of both sensorial impact and light transmission / diffusion.
Over 20 textures in the catalog, full of potential that you appreciate the touch and enhances the light. Tempered and laminated, all the glass of the range fully comply with safety regulations. The wide variety of thicknesses available, they can be combined with any type of door frame and all glass, curtain walls, exterior glazing. No coincidence that many of the most influential brands of windows in Italy and Europe have chosen glass Madras ® for years as a member qualified for their collections.

For tables, kitchen and bathroom tops, reception desks, shelving and work surfaces, Vitrealspecchi, the leading Italian manufacturer of etched float glass, has developed a range of products answering specific functional and aesthetic requirements. The Madras® Alto line (thicknesses up to 15 mm) is a decidedly decorative option, being characterized by crystalline surfaces that reflect intricate textures or are animated by imperceptible relief work. They can be strengthened. Painting is carried out by the glazier in the customer’s chosen colour. The products’ aesthetic qualities remain unaltered over time because glass, unlike other materials, has extremely low absorbency. Further, the plate size (3210 x 2250 mm) makes it possible to make long, elegant and seamless tops. Technical characteristics · Base material: float glass (single plate) to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004. · Plate size: 3210 x 2250 mm · Thicknesses: up to 15 mm · Colours: clear, extra-clear · All mechanical and heat processes (cutting, tempering, bending, laminating, silvering, painting, etc.) are supported.

Vitrealspecchi Catalogues

Glass Washbasin top MADRAS® NEW YORK - Vitrealspecchi

Glass Washbasin top MADRAS® NEW YORK - Vitrealspecchi
Glass Washbasin top MADRAS® NEW YORK - Vitrealspecchi

Glass Washbasin top MADRAS® NEW YORK - Vitrealspecchi
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