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Wall-mounted oak vanity unit

Manufacturer Edoné by Agorà Group

Chrono Collection
Chrono is time which surprisingly does not pass: taste which is not fashion but style, it is eternal but always new. Essential shapes, 45° cut, which complete the perfect seam of a high fashion dress whose simple and refined structure represents just the frame of a more complex and wide project. The structure of this collection is characterized by water-repellent (V100) panels of ecological woods aggregate, non-toxic, with a low content of formaldehyde, with sides in marine multiply wood for oak finishing and in solid wood for “solid wood” finishing. The collection perfectly matches with the wall papers of Edoné realized through the collaboration with Wall&Deco, which will decorate your walls as real masterpieces where the minimalism of Chrono will exalt a perfect artistic contrast.

Composition CHRONO 309 - Wall-mounted oak vanity unit.
Finishing: Rovere termo trattato
Top: 40° shaped console, H 6 cm in rovere termo trattato finishing

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Wall-mounted oak vanity unit CHRONO 309 - Edoné by Agorà Group

Wall-mounted oak vanity unit CHRONO 309 - Edoné by Agorà Group
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