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RAVELLE III | Barstool

Barstool with footrest

Manufacturer Casala

design by
Ravelle III Collection
Ravelle is one of Casala's new models and can be used in many ways in a variety of locations: a bar stool combination which can be used in canteens, flexible office spaces, waiting rooms and anywhere short meetings are held. This combination had to be versatile to make this achievable. With 7 different bases and seats in wood, PU foam and upholstering, the Ravelle is extremely versatile. All frames and seats are compatible.

1535/07 - Seat PU foam, hoogte 75 cm by Casala.

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Barstool with footrest RAVELLE III | Barstool - Casala

Barstool with footrest RAVELLE III | Barstool - Casala
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