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Hot-water wall-mounted decorative radiator

Manufacturer Tubes Radiatori

Basics Collection
From the very beginning, the main aim of Tubes mission has been to give a new identity to the radiator, and the Basics collection is the first concrete expression of this. It is characterised by the innovative approach that has guided the choices made from the conceptual, formal and aesthetic standpoints, though concentrating on the development of lines in which it is the tubular element organised around traditional models that dominates. Heaters range from the design towel warmer to the radiator that is pleasant aesthetically, finding new locations also outside the bathroom. From the outset the choice of steel, the reduced diameter of the tubing and the wide range of sizes and colours were all innovative. These features confirm the topical value of the collection and give it significance as the starting point of the Tubes research path.

Basics 14 - A range of radiators characterized by 14 mm diameter tubular steel elements, in single or double column, which can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The extremely low content of water inside the water circuit provides rapid heat distribution in the room and makes it more cost effective than systems that use traditional heating units. The wide choice of sizes enables the range to satisfy diverse heating requirements.


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Hot-water wall-mounted decorative radiator BASICS 14G - Tubes Radiatori
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