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Concealed WC cistern

Manufacturer Valsir

The best positioning for your flush!
Evolut - not just a solution to your plumbing needs, but also a piece of furniture for your bathroom.
The flush panel can be installed either on top or front position.

Further details

Evolut provides significant water savings thanks to the flush adjustment possibility of 4.5/3 litres as well as the traditional 6/3 and 7/3 litres.

Positioning of front or top plate.

minimum installation height of just 82 cm from the finished floor.

Installation flexibility:
thanks to the Fixsistem and Block mounting frames, Evolut can be installed in all situations and in any wall type, in compliance with the regulatory requirements of EN 997.

EN 14055
Evolut meets the regulatory requirements of EN 14055.

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 - Concealed WC cistern TROPEA S - Valsir Concealed WC cistern Technological innovation, attention to details and constant quality control, together with the desire to provide our clients with reliability and safety.
These are the cornerstones that have always driven the design and production of Valsir cisterns over the years. Tropea S represents an absolute novelty on the international scene, a state-of-the-art and innovative product: the first cistern in the world designed to reduce the noise generated during use.
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Tropea3 has come out on top in terms of performance, noise reduction and durability in compliance with EN 14055. The installation frames in the Tropea3 product line meet the regulatory requirement of EN 997.
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The possibility of an offset installation of up to 700 mm and a front or top operation complete its characteristics of maximum versatility.


Concealed WC cistern EVOLUT - Valsir

Concealed WC cistern EVOLUT - Valsir
Concealed WC cistern EVOLUT - Valsir

Concealed WC cistern EVOLUT - Valsir
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