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Flush plate

Manufacturer Valsir

Design Collection
When detail makes the difference.
The Valsir Design line of control plates is part of a project launched by Valsir for the showroom distribution channel and encompasses over 240 models made with innovative and refined materials, a multitude of finishes and sizes, which allow all bathrooms to be personalized with a touch of sophistication.
All the Valsir Design plates incorporate buttons with different finishes and characterised by a softness of actuation, silence and precision.

Kit for personalised plates
The kit for personalised plates: a versatile model that can be personalised with any covering, that fits in perfectly with any bathroom wall to create a minimalist, clean and elegant style.


Flush plate KIT - Valsir

Flush plate KIT - Valsir
Flush plate KIT - Valsir

Flush plate KIT - Valsir
Valsir - Corporate movie
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