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Stained glass wall tiles

Manufacturer OmniDecor

Surfaces and materials play a leading role in every project together with the design and functionality. The quality of creations is gaining more and more attention and glass is able to ensure sturdiness, inalterability and durability in time together with design flexibility and aesthetic value. Well aware of market needs, OmniDecor completes its range of products with DecorGem® and DecorOpal®, coloured glass sheets capable of satisfying every technical need. Our coloured glass is suitable for different purposes, from partial opacity for backlighting to complete opacity for wall cladding, from tempering needs to safe versions.

Color collection
The innovation and aesthetic vividness of DecorOpal® broaden the horizons of glass surfaces with a brilliant, modern collection of colours. From basic colours to their shades and nuances, the water-based paints permit different colour combinations with a high impact and visual stimulation.
With etched or glossy surface, total opacity and consistency of colour and appearance, the DecorOpal® coloured glass is extremely versatile and suitable both for wall coverings and for furniture.
Modern, rich in vitality and shades, the DecorOpal® collection is the result of research, technical development and design that make Omnidecor the undisputed leader in the sector of coloured glass and acid etched glass.

Float glass coated on the back with organic water- based paint.
Total opacity; bright colours; anti- fingerprint and scratchproof if etched
Slate, Avocado, Light,Bronze, Cacao, Chestnut,Cherry, Cream, Black,Graphite, Green, Grey,Pomegranate, Cloud,Sand, , Sun, White, Zest,Antartic
Kitchen , Furniture , Walls, Contract

Further details

Available colors
product description
glass sheets painted on face 2 with organic paint
available with etched or glossy (non-etched) surface
anti–fingerprint and anti-scratch surface for the etched version

raw material
float glass UNI EN 572-2 compliant

available thicknesses (in mm)
3 to 15
3/12/15 not standard, on request

available sheet sizes (in cm and inches)
200 x 321 - 78’ x 126’

weight (in kg/sqm)
2.5 kg/m2 per per 1 mm thickness

glass processing info
all mechanical processing allowed
tempering process not allowed
lamination process not allowed
bending process not allowed

not intended for exterior application
decorflou design patterns (one-side only) available
some colors are available with a minimum order

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Stained glass wall tiles DECOROPAL® - OmniDecor

Stained glass wall tiles DECOROPAL® - OmniDecor
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