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Oak parquet

Manufacturer Pergo

Svalbard Collection
Long and wide planks that will add warmth and character to any room. The surface is one single piece of wood emphasizing the natural beauty of the material. Bevels along all edges help underline the long-plank design.
The natural feeling of wood
We believe that wood is one of the most beautiful natural resources and our aim is to bring you the very best. Our wood floors are designed to be just as easy to install and reliable as other Pergo floors. Depending on the impression you want to create, our floors are available in different designs, wood species, structures, beveling and finishing options, opening up a great spectrum for unique floor design. Customisation allows for even greater freedom of thinking.
Our wood floors are delivered prefinished, so there’s no need for sanding or oiling after installation. The 3-layer build-up guarantees that your floor remains stable in all conditions. Moreoever, our advanced oils and lacquers make it highly scratch and stain resistant. Rest assured your wood floor will be durable, beautiful, and easy to work with — just as you’d expect from any Pergo flooring.

Sublime Oak is a beautiful, classic wood floor with large knots, a lively variation in colour and a matt lacquer finish. This floor is part of our Svalbard collection, which is characterised by long, wide planks that add warmth and charm to any room. Bevels along all edges help to underline the long-plank design, and the surface is brushed to accentuate the natural grain structure and enhance the authentic look and feel of the wood.

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Oak parquet SUBLIME OAK - Pergo

Oak parquet SUBLIME OAK - Pergo
Oak parquet SUBLIME OAK - Pergo

Oak parquet SUBLIME OAK - Pergo
Oak parquet SUBLIME OAK - Pergo

Oak parquet SUBLIME OAK - Pergo
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