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Press fittings in techno polymer

Manufacturer Valsir

Press fittings in technopolymer.
Bravopress® is a press fittings system made of technopolymer (PPSU), a plastic material characterised by an exceptional mechanical and corrosion resistance.
Bravopress® can be used with Pexal® and Mixal® multilayer pipes and can be employed for the construction of water supply, heating and cooling and industrial systems.

Further details

The advantages of bravopress®
Corrosion resistant
Total absence of oxidation and corrosion.

Wide range
Range of diameters from 16 to 32 mm. Compatibility with a wide range of pressing profiles (H, TH, U, B, F, C).

Unpressed leaking
Detection of leakages during system testing in the event of incomplete pressing.

Chemical resistance
Chemical resistance to the most common substances dissolved in water.

Ideal to treatments against legionella
High resistance to treatments against legionella.
Easy and rapid installation.
The Bravopress® line of fittings unites the exceptional mechanical characteristics of polyphenylsulfone with the advantages of a pressed joint with steel sleeve.
As with the brass press fittings, the Bravopress® line was designed to reduce installation times by using a portable pressing machine equipped with specific pressing jaws.
The Valsir press fittings, both in brass and in technopolymer, are termed “multipress” as they can be used with the various pressing profiles most widely used in the market.
This is an important advantage: the plumber can use the revolutionary Pexal® Brass and Bravopress® multipress fittings produced by Valsir, regardless of the type of tool they possess.


Press fittings in techno polymer BRAVOPRESS - Valsir

Press fittings in techno polymer BRAVOPRESS - Valsir
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